Enlightening Minds:  Insightful Session on Human Trafficking at ASA Nashik

On 11 January 2024, Sr. Urvashi Makwana conducted a session on Human Trafficking for the students of Maria Vihar, ASA Nashik, where she introduced the concept to students who were previously unaware of it. She emphasized the significance of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day 2024, shedding light on the rights of every individual to a good and healthy life. Sr. Urvashi discussed the various reasons behind human trafficking, such as involvement in terrorism, sex trafficking, and organ trafficking. She specifically addressed the issue’s presence in India, urging students to be vigilant. To enhance understanding, she showed videos depicting how individuals are trapped and exploited for labor or organ trade. Overall, the session aimed to raise awareness, encourage empathy, and prompt a sense of responsibility among the students regarding the global issue of human trafficking.

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