Auxilium Sisters in the world (Daughter’s of Mary Help of Christians)11,791

Provinces- 74

Preprovinces- 5

Interprovincial Conferences- 11

Nations- 96

Continents:- 5
Africa, Asia, America, Europe & Oceania


Sisters- 1300

Provinces:- 7
Bangalore, Calcutta, Chennai, Mumbai, Trichy, Guwahati & Shilong.



Auxilium Skills Academy


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Her Story...Stairs Of Success.

Rosemary Daniel Francis

This is a story of a young woman who lost her parents when she was 6 months old. Her family abandoned her but a neighbor adopted her. They took extra care of her without making her realize that she’s an orphan. They educated her in an English medium school. At the age of 17, as soon as she completed her Std 11th, her maternal uncle came with a marriage proposal from Mumbai. They got her married to a man who was earning well then. Her in-laws started torturing her for pity reasons and asked her to get pregnant as soon as possible. Little did she know how and what. The mother-in-law use to take her to various doctors to start her treatment to become pregnant. The doctor felt pity at this girl as she was only 18 years old. Later within a span of year, she delivered a baby boy. Her in-laws never allowed her to rest post-delivery. Very soon she was expecting their next child and she use to come to Auxilium Convent High School, Wadala to pick up and drop her sister-in-law. That’s the time she got to know about vocational skill training course happening at Auxilium. She was eager to learn but her in-laws opposed. She had a neighbor who guided her and told her to go for it. She then visited Auxilium Skills Academy and met Sr Rosaline Pereira (C.E.O). Hearing her story Sister felt sad and encouraged her to join ITES course (Information Technology Enabled Service). With all the troubles she enrolled in for the course, she gained confidence. After finishing the course she joined in as an English trainer at Auxilium Skills Academy, after a year she was promoted to become a placement officer, currently she’s a Centre Manager. She does all sorts of work assigned to her. Sister Rosaline is very happy with her climbing up the stairs of success. 

Our Inception:

Our NGO took birth with an aim to promote advancement of vocational and technical education for the marginalized and school dropout youth, spread in four South and East Indian states. Thereby providing education with subsidized fees, scholarships and assisting financially the under privileged youth. 

Mainspring: Why such an initiative?

According to the survey done in 2015, youth illiteracy for India was 25 million with nearly 6.2 percent unemployed. With the right help provided at the right time there is possibility of transition towards positive statistics.

There is a need to empower our underprivileged and vulnerable youth in order to mould a generation of committed citizens. Education is the powerful key to build a better nation with demeanour and contributing succour.