Seminar conducted at Ali Alana English School, Manor at Palghar

Seminar was organized by Auxilium Nisarg Mitra, at Ali Alana English School, Manor, Palghar on 15 November 20224. It engaged 70 NSS volunteers from Rizvi College in a comprehensive discussion on various environmental aspects. Facilitated by Adhith M.K (Environment Coordinator at ASA) and Swathin Santhosh (Placement Coordinator at ASA), the event included group activities, presentations, and discussions on topics such as renewable energy, waste management, biodiversity, and more. Mrs. Shehnaz Khan (NSS Programme Officer) played a key role in facilitating the seminar. The outcomes included enhanced understanding among participants, identification of practical solutions, and strengthened collaboration prospects with Jijau Social and Educational Center. The seminar successfully achieved its objectives, promoting environmental awareness and fostering partnerships for sustainable development.

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