Christmas Day Celebrations 2020

Auxilium Skills Academy immersed itself in a festive spirit as it celebrated the birth of Jesus Christ, the King chosen to cleanse his people from all earthly sins and spread the Word of God across the globe.

The event commenced with a small prayer narrated by the staff and students holding paper cut outs of various segments of people such as the sick, who during challenging times, need internal as well as external strength to fight back the illness and come back stronger than ever, farmers who are struggling to sustain their livelihood while feeding millions of stomachs, social activists who are serving time in jail for fighting against the social ills prevailing in our society and our political leaders, who are working day and night to keep the nation functioning properly. Students earnestly prayed for their wellbeing and hoped for good times ahead in the future.

Next up, a dance performance by the girls pursuing the beautician course, praising God for his blessing and righteousness, thanking Him for providing each and everything on earth was done with utmost grace and poise. After the prayer dance, the students did a splendid musical reenactment of the Nativity of Jesus Christ, where each and everyone performed their assigned roles and accurately managed to convey the message the biblical historical scene so portrayed. The atmosphere, thus created was spiritual, yet filled with happiness and joy as the spectators witnessed the birth of Jesus Christ in the manger and the melodious songs played in the background coupled with the actors in their colourful costumes and props recreated a beautiful scene altogether which was a treat for the mind, body and soul.

Sister Meena then graced the occasion by praising the students for their wonderful efforts and doing something great apart from learning what’s been provided to them. She further emphasized that a child, despite being born in a rich or a poor household is a source of joy for both the families and is a gift so precious that not everyone on earth gets bestowed upon. She mentioned that each and every one of us has a purpose for which we are sent on this earth to fulfill and like Jesus Christ, who came to earth to spread the word of God and happiness while cleansing us of our sins, we too should strive to make others happy while being happy ourselves. She ended her words by hoping for a good year ahead and wished everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. A plant, symbolising the token of appreciation was given to the sister by Siona while the halls echoed with the sound of applause.

To add more fun to the event, the girls of the academy performed an entertaining dance on upbeat Bollywood songs that set the audience’s foot tapping on the beat. Finally, the teachers and the students engaged themselves in a Secret Santa quest where they exchanged gifts and well wishes with each other, bringing the event to an end on a cheerful note.

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