Beach Cleanup Drive- Mahim 2023

The staff of ASA, along with 80 students from all the three centers and Rev, Sr. Rosaline Pereira arrived at Mahim for the beach cleanup drive of Mithi River at 7:00 am. All the volunteers were register. Gloves, masks and garbage bags were distributed. A briefing was given to students about the dangers of environmental pollution, most importantly highlighting the amount of plastic waste dumped in the ocean and how it is causing major harm to the marine life. This motivated students with more zeal to begin the cleanup. Bags of garbage were filled and collected at a designated spot. Instructions were given to be aware of sharp objects while picking them up and also to collect them separately. Volunteers were instructed to empty the plastic bags of sand before disposing it in the garbage bags. Certificates were distributed. Later student awareness and feedback session was held. A group picture was taken after the cleanup. Refreshments were served. Volunteers were thanked for their voluntary service and for dedicating their time towards this Environmental cause.

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