Christina Rozario (Project Coordinator) and two staff of Auxilium skills Academy at Bandra   centre Kavita Pradesh (Mobilizer) and Yash (Centre Coordinator) attended an event conducted at the amphitheatre on Bandra Carter road which is very close to the center, they decided to walk along the promenade and interact with them to promote the courses we have to offer. Carter road was filled with huge posters with slogans that discouraged the use of single use plastic. The event was covered by Radio Mirchi and sponsored by Red Bull among others. There were many NGOS who had put up standees of the work they do to recycle and reuse plastic and their work was on display. There was going to be a Musical event at the amphi theatre for which the youth were gathering. They interacted with around 35 youth, they explained to them about the courses we offer along with job placements. They also handed out pamphlets and asked some to click a picture and circulate among friends. Of the 35, at least 4 youth displayed a keen interest in the courses we are offering and noted our contact numbers and enquired about our center address.

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