Report on Wash

Report on wash

Today dated 15 /10/2022 ASA youth leaders surveyed Dharavi the hub of Slums. The main theme of the survey was to find out water related issues. We visited 15 different slums area over there. The response that we got from people was really shocking. They do not have proper and clean water supply. Related to sanitization, health & hygiene people have no much complain. They are quite well & healthy.

sr.noArea namePeoples’ NameWaterSanitizationHealthHygiene
1Dharavi KumbharwadaShashi Kala GhumbleGoodNormalNo issueNo issue
2Dharavi KumbharwadaBabu Savita SawraGoodNormalNo issueNo issue
3Dharavi KumbharwadaSarabillisa TurkeyGoodNormalNo issueNo issue
4Dharavi KumbharwadaPriya SinghGoodNormalNo issueNo issue
5Dharavi New ChawlPoonam ChaudaNot GoodNot SuppliedNo issueNo issue
6Dharavi New ChawlMeenakshi ChaudaNot GoodNot SuppliedNo issueNo issue
7Dharavi New ChawlVishranti KunchikauranGoodNormalNo issueNo issue
8Dharavi New ChawlRajesh JethwaGoodNot SuppliedNo issueNo issue
9Chauthi WadiJoya GoinNot GoodNormalNo issueNo issue
10Chauthi WadiRamila ChawnGoodNormalNo issueNo issue
11Chauthi WadiDinesh DevaliyaNot GoodNormalNo issueNo issue
12Chauthi WadiKaushilya ChawnNot GoodNormalNo issueNo issue
13Valket ChawlSalma SayedNot GoodNormalNo issueNo issue
14Valket ChawlVijaya RubanNot GoodNormalNo issueNo issue
15Valket ChawlZairabi ShakihNot GoodNormalNo issueNo issue

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